Frequently Asked Questions


How long does an interior Quick Clean take?

The average interior Quick Clean takes 2 hours. If you are bringing a 7 seat SUV or a vehicle that is excessively dirty (read more about that here) then expect closer to 3 hours.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, debit and credit card on site for payment. We also accept ARI fleet cards and Government of Saskatchewan CVA vehicles.

How will I know when I can pick up my vehicle?

We will text you 15 minutes before your vehicle is ready to be picked up on the phone number you provided when booking.

Do I need to remove everything from my vehicle before my appointment?

In a perfect world every vehicle that arrives for detailing would be completely empty however we don't live in a perfect world. Please remove items of value and things we wouldn't be sure you want to keep. We will take out the garbage!

Do you clean child seats?

Yes! We offer chemical free steam cleaning of child car seats as an optional service. We will need car seats completely detached from the vehicle so we can clean the seat, and clean under the child seat.

Do I have to make an appointment?

Appointments are strongly recommended but we are happy to accept walk-ups when we have availability. Looking for a last minute appointment? Call/ text us at 306-700-5599.


Can I drop my vehicle off before you open?

Yes! We have a blue key dropbox at our Midtown Plaza location for this reason. 

How often should my vehicle be detailed?

With the harsh weather Saskatchewan experiences we recommend an interior Quick Clean service at least 2x per year. If you have dogs, children or a lot of traffic in and out of your vehicle, you may need more frequent service. The easiest thing you can do to keep your interior looking great (and preserve the value of your vehicle) is by installing runner mats throughout the carpeted areas of your vehicle!

Do I have to pay for the parking at Midtown Plaza?

Yes. Parking is not included in the cost of detailing. Parking is $2/hour with a summertime maximum of $12 per day.

Does the Quick Clean and Protect service remove scratches?

No.  Clay decontamination ("claying") of your car pulls out foreign particles and contaminants (tree sap, tar spots, industrial fall out, bug splatters etc.) that have embedded themselves in the paint. Beyond causing your paint to look dull if left untreated, these contaminants oxidize and corrode, causing etching and discolouration. The Quick Clean and Protect service helps to bring back the luster of your paint which we then seal with wax and sealant to protect your paint from the harsh Saskatchewan elements and bring back some shine!

What is headliner steam cleaning?

The headliner of your vehicle is the fabric interior ceiling. Sometimes this area can be marked up by finger prints, exploded pop (hello winter!), jam you name it. If you need this area cleaned please let us know!

Does steam cleaning remove stains?

Yes! We have great success using steam cleaning on carpets and upholstery to remove dirt and grime. Steam cleaning offers stain removal and disinfection of these areas. Although we can't guarantee that every stain will come out (how long has that grape juice sat on your beige carpets?) we see great success and you can see many before/ after photos on our Instagram and Facebook pages!